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জেনে নিন কোন ড্রাগের সাথে কোন ড্রাগ নেয়া ঠিক না

জেনে নিন কোন ড্রাগের সাথে কোন ড্রাগ নেয়া ঠিক না

01. Don`t give Azithromycin with Antihistamines.

Because: Severe chest pain, prolong QT interval.

02. Don`t give Ondansetron (Anti-emetic) with Tramadol.

Because: Ondansetron decrease the Analgesic effect of tramadol.

03. Don`t give Tetracycline with Penicillin.

Because: Tetracycline are bacteriostatic and Inhibit the growth of bacteria and Penicillin work only on actively dividing organisms.

04. Don`t give Anti-acid or anti-ulcer medication with Iron in pt. With IDA.

Because: Iron need acidic media to be absorbed.

05. Don`t give Metronidazole with Warfarin.

Because: Metronidazole inhibits the metabolism of warfarin by blocking (CYP-2C9) may lead to fatal bleeding.

06. Don`t give Furosemide (Lasix) with Gentamycin.

Because: Maybe lead to hearing loss.

07. Don`t give Non Dihydropyridine (Verapamil & diltiazem) with Beta blocker.

Because: Both of them cause severe bradycardia & heart block.

08. Don`t give Sildenafil (Viagra) with Sublingual Nitroglycerin.

Because: both of them cause vasodilation—> Severe hypotension & may be death.

09. Don`t give Nifedipine or any drug end with “dipine” with Nitrate.

Because: Both of them cause vasodilation & Severe hypotension.

10. Don`t give Omega 3 with Anti-platelet or Anti-coagulant.

Because: cause bleeding.

11. Don`t give Statin with Gemfibrozil.

Because: increase the risk of the myopathy.

12. Don`t give Ciprofloxacin, Clarithromycin, Cimetidine, Fluvoxamine & Erythromycin with Theophylline.

Because: These drugs are Cyp450 inhibitors lead to Inc. in the theophylline level in blood lead to death.

13. Don`t give Warfarin with NSAIDS.

Because: Increase the risk of the GIT bleeding.

14. Don`t give K_ sparing diuretics (Amyloid & Spironolactone) with ACEI (captopril).

Because: Lead to hyperkalemia.

15. Don`t give Omeprazole with Clopidogrel (Anti-platelet).

Because : Omeprazole decrease effect of The Clopidogrel by affecting hepatic enzyme CYP2C19 metabolism
Ondansetron (Zofran) is the safest and the most effective anti-emetic in children.

Fluconazole (antifungal) must be taken with fatty meal to increase its absorption.

All breast feeding babies should be received vitamin D Supplementation until the age of 1 year!



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