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Life Was Never Fair

Life Was Never Fair


Life was never fair!
Indeed, life was never failing,
To anyone in this world
We never had it easy,
Not our fathers,
Not our mothers,
Sisters or our brothers, not even to us!

We all never had it easy,
I mean, can I be who I wanna be?
Without all that I need?
It's not an excuse
For not chasing it
But I just don't have running shoes
For this run.

So, they're telling me
To run barefoot,
They're right I agree,
But my feet are sore
Though I'm keeping the pace
It's not great, imagine the pain!

I just have my memo
In my cellphone and
Just my recording,
How can I get that recognition?
That recognition that I want,
How can I get it?

I want a microphone,
In a room with my headphones,
I want to hear
And feel my voice,
I need the inspiration to start with me
Before reaching out
To the whole world!

But as you know,
To win the race
Is to face the game,
To keep up the pace
And it can never be easy
It's not a life of only red carpets!

I'm one of the real ones,
I want to get it done
Though life is just being life,
Got to hold on
Even if walking on hot rocks
Cause I'm a dreamer,
Prepared to face the brightest side of life.


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